.256 Winchester Article in Most Recent Guns Magazine

by Remington40x @, SE PA, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 15:09 (382 days ago)

Just wanted to say "Thank you" to John Taffin for the article on the .256 Winchester. I've been a big fan of the cartridge for decades and really wish Winchester would do another run of the cartridge with the original 60 grain hollowpoints, which were extremely accurate and effective and pushed 2800 fps out of a 26 inch barrel. I own the same two .256s that Mr. Taffin owns (the Marlin Model 62 and the Contender) and used to own a custom Martini Cadet with a 26 inch barrel in that cartridge as well (and wouldn't I like to have that one back).

Captech International lists the brass (Jamison Brass) with the correct headstamp, but it's currently out of stock. I have no idea when (or if) they might do another run.

You can make the brass from .357 cases. Redding makes the dies to do so, but they are not cheap.

I always thought that a Marlin 1894 with a 24 or 26 inch barrel, 2/3 magazine and a pistol grip would be the bee's knees in .256, particularly with a nice piece of higher grade wood, a good peep sight and a Redfield Sourdough front sight. Not going to happen, at least for me.

So, thanks again Mr. Taffin.

.256 Winchester Article in Most Recent Guns Magazine

by jgt, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 07:27 (382 days ago) @ Remington40x

There good news and there is bad news. The good news is: There is a Marlin model 62 Levermatic for sale on the Marlin board. The bad news is: The seller wants $2100 for it.

.256 Winchester Article in Most Recent Guns Magazine

by Remington40x @, SE PA, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 12:08 (381 days ago) @ jgt

He's going to own that rifle for a long, long time at that price. Recent Gunbroker auctions (those with real bids/sales) are valuing them in the $950-1050 range.

.256 Winchester Article in Most Recent Guns Magazine

by J.Michael @, peoples republic of new jersey, Friday, May 17, 2019, 12:03 (380 days ago) @ jgt

wow I had no Idea the Marlins were so expensive I have them in 22 mag 30 carb and 256 win. J.Michael

Thanks for the kind words. It is unfortunate

by SIXGUNNER, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 17:06 (381 days ago) @ Remington40x

Those who were involved in the .256 Winchester and .22 Jet projects in the 1960s did not do their homework and actually make these cartridges of such a design they would work in sixguns. I'm with you on a Marlin 1894 chambered in .256 Winchester. Will it ever happen? I would like to see Marlin revive their small chamberings in the 1894 such as the .25-20 and .32-20 and also bring back the .32 Magnum and offer the .327 Magnum in the 1894. It would also be quite interesting to see some .22 chamberings such as the Jet, Bee, Hornet and K-Hornet.

Thanks for the kind words. It is unfortunate

by E Sisk, Friday, May 17, 2019, 02:39 (381 days ago) @ SIXGUNNER

Our best bet is probably Henry on the .256, I would buy one. Jason a Ruger 7 1/2" Single 7 or 8 shot in .25-20 would get my wallet open in a heartbeat. If I could find a Rossi 92 .357 at a decent price I would rebarrel it to .256.

Thanks for the kind words. It is unfortunate

by Todd C, Sunday, July 07, 2019, 19:48 (329 days ago) @ SIXGUNNER

I agree SIXGUNNER, The 32-20 in the Marlin is one of my favorite little leverguns. A small kiss with the throating reamer, thus letting me use more moder "LBT" style Long flat nose bullets, gives it a new lease on life. My little gun will run 120 grain bullets a almost 2300 Fps. That makes it very close to the ballistics of the 7.62x39. So I have a "Cowboy assault rifle" haha.

The 32 H&R or 327 Fed on in the same gun would be so sweet. I've been looking for the older 32 H&R with the full octagon barrel and mag tube, but alas, they fetch a premium price these days.

If they came out with a 256 Win in the 1894, I'd bee in trouble. Likely I'd have to buy two, as my wife always steal the ones I get for myself, so it always costs me double.

All the best Sir.

.256 Winchester conversion

by CJM @, Friday, May 17, 2019, 20:57 (380 days ago) @ Remington40x

I have one of the new Marlin stainless steel 1894 CSBL in 357 ready to be converted to 256 Win Mag, but can't find someone to do the conversion. Mic McPherson is retired, Nonneman hasn't replied to any of the emails I sent him so I don't think he wants to do the conversion, Clements isn't taking new work and Wild West is only doing their conversions.
Is there anybody else that would do a good job of putting a 22" barrel with the same taper, a full length mag tube and re-mounting the rail and sights?

.256 Winchester conversion

by E Sisk, Saturday, May 18, 2019, 10:42 (380 days ago) @ CJM

You might ask Bobby Tyler if he is interested. It would seem to be a straightforward barrel swap.

Forming .256 Win Mag brass

by Hobie ⌂ @, Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Sunday, May 19, 2019, 21:35 (378 days ago) @ Remington40x

I buy new brass, anneal the top half and run it into a .256 full-length sizing die. Trim and chamfer, works a treat. I have 2 Contender barrels, prefer the MGM carbine.



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