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by Gunner ⌂ @, St Louis, Sunday, December 17, 2017, 19:31 (398 days ago)

I made one of these a few months back, wanted something to do general kitchen stuff, slicing, dicing and cutting of thicker items using a 5-6 inch blade with a little meat in the spine so to speak. Didn't want flex nor a thin point, so if I had to dig a little into something I didn't have to worry about the knife flexing or the tip breaking off. This is what I came up with.....


Unfortunately at this time I am not setup to heat treat stainless steel so I made it out of 1095 HC steel, so you have to clean it well and veg oil once in a while. So far mine hasn't had any rust issues and have only oil wiped it twice, usually after use I wash it off lightly and wipe it dry. I like the design and general utility with it in the kitchen so I decided to make a nice one for sale.

1095 HC steel 10 1/4" oal, 5 3/8" blade .125" thick and 1 3/8" tall
Desert Ironwood scales with brass pins
Heat treated and triple tempered

$50 shipped

questions or inquiries....


Thanks for looking,

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