Say hello to my little friend....

by Otony, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 21:40 (346 days ago)
edited by Otony, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 21:44

.....sold the big Ford 4000 tractor, and while we were shopping around for a replacement, our Husqvarna riding mower broke down for the 4th or 5th time. I baby that little Husky, but we needed something that would split the difference between it and the Blue Beast.

Enter the new replacement....[image]

Stock photo, I don't tan that well! :-D

Also bought a small brush hog, and besides some discounts, the dealer threw in a set of front end weights AND a brand new Honda push mower. Yes Rob, I mow a lot around here.


Say hello to my little friend....

by Catoosa, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 22:46 (346 days ago) @ Otony

I bought a used L2350 4WD in 1998. The hour meter was broken so I don't know how many hours it had on it. Replaced the meter and that one went out also, so I have no idea how many hours I have put on it in 19 years. Suffice to say that I have run that little tractor long and hard and it has not been babied at all. I have done things with it that a small tractor has NO business doing, and it has come through it all with nary a complaint. 'Botas are tough.

Kool! What does he charge ?

by Rob Leahy ⌂ @, Prescott, Arizona, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 23:09 (346 days ago) @ Otony

:-) Nice tractor.

Of the Troops & For the Troops

He just showed me how to use it....

by Otony, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 23:19 (346 days ago) @ Rob Leahy

.....and told me to sell our mule. :beatdeadhorse:


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