New pressure tank for the well

by Otony, Thursday, June 01, 2017, 21:58 (352 days ago)

Last Sunday we woke up to no water. I called two different well/pump services based on the recommendation of a plumber friend (who is out of town until the middle of next week).

First fellow wasn't available (let's call him Steve), but his message said he would be back on Monday. Second outfit was available. A young guy named Brian showed up, did a couple of simple tests, determined that the pressure bladder was bad, made a makeshift repair, and told me they could install a new tank in a week or two. Hmm, no bueno, we are limping along and not using the irrigation for our orchard. I asked for a bid. Still haven't got one, but he did tell me twice a new tank was $630 before tax or labor.

Steve called me on Monday and asked if I was still interested in him coming by. I said yes, and asked for a bid. He came by, determined that indeed, the tank was bad. Also the pressure switch, which was scorched internally. His bid? 650 plus tax for tank, switch, fittings, labor, and removal of old tank. He could start the next day.

I call Brian back and asked for a bid again. He said he would deliver it that day. He never has shown back up. He did say that the tank wold be $630 plus labor, plus tax, plus removal. He never mentioned needing a new pressure switch. And we were at least a half-week out, maybe more.

Guess who got the job?

The moral of the story is honesty and fair dealings will get you work. Shifty business gets you nothing much.


New pressure tank for the well

by Cherokee @, Medina, Ohio, Friday, June 02, 2017, 07:43 (352 days ago) @ Otony

My bet is Steve. Sounds like a good man. I've run into a lot of people like Brian but found some good ones. Our church had a well problem which was fixed the same day I called the well guy: tank pressure and gauges were bad. Aired up and tested the tank and replaced gages. Back to normal.

New pressure tank for the well

by DSikes, Friday, June 02, 2017, 15:01 (352 days ago) @ Otony

When our pressure tank went tits up... we opted to replace it with a bladder-less tank system... never have to worry about bladder leaks or bladder deterioration ever again... only problem is that it does put some air in the water and it will cause a bit of sputtering at the hot water faucet when you first turn the hot water faucet on... but here at the farm... we don't ever have to worry about the lines freezing up coming up from the well to the pressure tank anymore cause the water drains down to the well water table when the pump turns off... now at my spring... I use a constant on-demand jet pump to pump the water up to pressure... there is no tank there... just the pump keeping the pressure up to irrigate the veggies and fish pond.

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