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by Remington40x @, SE PA, Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 08:25 (8 days ago) @ Cherokee

I've sold somewhere between 20 and 30 guns on gunbroker and bought about as many over the last 10 years. Cubrock nailed it.

One thing about shipping: I make clear in the ad that shipping and insurance are additional to the final bid price and then give my purchaser the option of how to have the gun shipped, subject to the shipper's requirements. I also provide that if I have to ship through an FFL, that fee is additional. So far, no one has required an FFL to FFL shipment. I don't always get the shipping estimate correct, but I'm generally pretty close and when I miss it's sometimes over and sometimes under, so I've broken even overall.

For shipping long guns, I've made it a practice to buy the inexpensive plastic cases that come in cardboard boxes off Walmart or Amazon's web site. They are about $20 delivered, which isn't much more than the boxes from a box manufacturer and they seem to hold up quite well. The buyer likes that he gets to keep the case as well.

Just some thoughts.

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