by cubrock, Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 09:23 (9 days ago) @ Cherokee

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Good, clear, in focus, detailed pictures. Above all else, pictures! LOL Seriously, pictures sell your guns. The guns I sell on average have between 20-30 pictures, both overall shots and detailed zooms on every surface of the gun. Some guns will have twice that many, like collectible guns where I am showing every matching serial number, military proofs, etc.

Add to that a detailed description. More than ever, people don't read. 90% of the questions I get emailed are already answered in the description, but most people don't read that. However, the detailed description (and detailed pictures) will save your bacon in the rare event someone complains about something undisclosed that makes them want a partial refund. And, there are the rare people who do actually read a detailed description and appreciate it.

If you do not have an FFL, I would strike a deal beforehand with a local dealer to help you with shipping in the event the receiving FFL won't receive from a non-FFL. That is very common anymore. Also, an FFL can mail a handgun, whereas an individual must send it via contract carrier, which means overnighting it due to carrier policies. You will likely save money having a dealer mail a handgun versus you overnighting it.

If you have no feedback on Gunbroker, or very little, expect people to be leery at first. List your lower end first to get some positive feedback under your belt before you list the good stuff. You'll realize higher prices once you have some positive feedback as a seller.

Finally, figure out your shipping supplies situation before you list anything. What boxes will you use? How will you pack the guns? I buy boxes for rifles from I buy bubble wrap from In a shipping insurance claim, being able to say you used new boxes and new packing material takes away the first thing they will use to try to deny your claim - insufficient/used packing. If you are mailing handguns, Regional Rate A and B boxes are your friend. That is usually cheaper than Flat Rate Medium and Large, but some guns require the flat rate boxes because of size. Anywho, auction end is not the time to realize you don't have boxes and/or padding materials. Ask me how I know. :)

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