Any reliable data available comparing coated cast v lubed?

by Ellis R Sisk @, Monday, August 12, 2019, 00:49 (327 days ago)

I see tests on the net, but there are too many variables in everything I've looked at. Not interested in any 25 or 50 yd tests. Looking for 75 or 100 yard comparisons. I finally broke down and picked up a NIB 7.5" Single Seven .327 (birthday). Loaded some Oregon Trail 115 gr. Shot a few rounds to get sights dialed in. Shot a 7 shot group 6 went into 1" square, I pulled one low center for 7 inside 1 1/2". Will to be experimenting to find a good easy shooting load with the intent of shooting short course practical hunter silhouettes (great practice for hunting). I've shot a few 40's with my FA 252 and Leupold 4X. I know that every gun is different, but I am trying to determine if coated bullets are worth adding to the accuracy experimentation mix.

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