Thoughts on thinning the herd....

by Remington40x @, SE PA, Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 10:28 (97 days ago) @ Byron


I’ve been doing something similar since a brief heart scare last year. I’ve had a great deal of success listing the less valuable (say under $1200) on Gunbroker with lots of photos and a $.01 starting bid with no reserve. Have sold about 20 that way. Was pleasantly surprised at realized prices on a number of them. Disappointed on only one (a Savage 99R in .300 Savage). All in all a good way to sell stuff in that price range.

Took a couple to my LGS as consignments. He’s sold two of the three. One went for about what I expected and the other for a bit less.

I put a couple of high quality sxs shotguns on Doublegunshop, Gunsinternational and 24hourcampfire. Not even a nibble, even though I think they are priced fairly. Sxs, especially 12 Gauge, aren’t selling well these days.

Don’t have any experience with high end handguns, but you will likely have to be really patient. That’s a pretty limited market.

Good luck with it.


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