Thanks for the kind words. It is unfortunate

by Todd C, Sunday, July 07, 2019, 19:48 (329 days ago) @ SIXGUNNER

I agree SIXGUNNER, The 32-20 in the Marlin is one of my favorite little leverguns. A small kiss with the throating reamer, thus letting me use more moder "LBT" style Long flat nose bullets, gives it a new lease on life. My little gun will run 120 grain bullets a almost 2300 Fps. That makes it very close to the ballistics of the 7.62x39. So I have a "Cowboy assault rifle" haha.

The 32 H&R or 327 Fed on in the same gun would be so sweet. I've been looking for the older 32 H&R with the full octagon barrel and mag tube, but alas, they fetch a premium price these days.

If they came out with a 256 Win in the 1894, I'd bee in trouble. Likely I'd have to buy two, as my wife always steal the ones I get for myself, so it always costs me double.

All the best Sir.

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