Got one!

by Murphy @, Friday, June 14, 2019, 14:57 (183 days ago) @ Catoosa

Good for you!

Most of the people I know will tell you, they've never really seen me mad. Upset, angry, agitated maybe, but never full blown 'that cat done flipped his wig' mad.

I'm human, some days are diamond, some days are stone. That being said, nothing better to vent on than one of those thieving jokers trying to scam me. One of my best ended with the guy asking me "Why the &%#@ you wanna know?". He hung up, dang it. And I was just getting on a roll too.

And one thing I always remember to do before the call ends is to ask the caller, Boy...does your momma know what you do for a living?


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