1911 grip update 4, first set finished......

by Gunner ⌂ @, St Louis, Saturday, March 16, 2019, 18:57 (71 days ago)

The craziness continues………….up early to visit a newly discovered tool supplier not far from where I live, try to buy local when I can. After messaging with JohnK, I agree with his assessment, need to get away from common drill bits and use more accurate end mills, hey I do have a mill after all : ) Also the two cutters I have for the screw hole/shoulder cut in the grips are ok but a end mill bit will give a more refined shoulder in the hole.

Interesting company, founded in 1966, has 30 employees now and their core business is making carbide end mills and re-sharpening end mills, had a large section of the building loaded with CNC machines, along with being a tool supply company. Picked up a few things that should help out down the road.


After getting everything setup I attacked the set of grips I started last weekend, figured couple of hours and I would be done, oh no, not to be. Ran into a few issues, a couple of oh craps and one major “should have seen that coming” but didn’t dawn on me. That’s what all this planning and testing is for……finding the issues and working them out.

Here is the finished set…….



Not perfect but pretty good I think, couple issues……

1) mag release notch is slightly off center
2) plunger tube ear very thin and small (my big oh crap moment, need to cut the ear after sanding not before)
3) left panel slight off angle at the bottom front (gotta watch the part not the sanding belt)
4) left panel top is slightly narrower than the right panel (control parts contacting it when installed, had to adjust the profile to solve this issue)

Charles, if you want them, even with the issues I outlined above, I’ll take $65 shipped for them, if not, that’s ok, just let me know and I will offer them up for grabs here on the board.


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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