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by Bob Hatfield @, Saturday, January 12, 2019, 06:43 (276 days ago) @ rob

I'd sight it in for slugs and compensate using Kentucky windage with the buckshot. I recently got the itch to shoot slugs after watching Hickock 45 shoot them like a rifle out of a Mossberg 590, Maverick 88 and a few others. So I bought a slug barrel from Ebay for my Mossberg 500 and the Magpul buttstock and a rubber forearm.

I will sight it in with the basic foster slugs from Winchester and Remington. I have gathered up Lee 7/8ths oz. and 1 oz. molds along with hulls and a variety of wads to experiment with loads that travel slower than the brutal factory slugs. Hoping to match the accuracy. It is a great experiment to find the right load for those drive key slugs from LEE.

As far as chokes go it a crap shoot. I once had an 870 with a 30 inch full choke that would place a foster slug in a pie plate at 100 yards just by putting the bead on the center of the plate and firing. I traded up a slug barrel with sights thinking it would do better and be easier to hunt with but It was a splatter match event at 50 yards compared to the full choke barrel. Seems I've seen tests where Imp Cyl is the best.


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