Shotgun question....

by uncowboy, Wednesday, January 09, 2019, 15:07 (279 days ago) @ rob

OK your wanting your gun to do two different operations . Smarter people than us figured out how to do this. Slugs shoot the best from an open choke. That's a fact . There are exceptions to every rule but most guns this is true. So start with an open choke and sight your slugs in. Then purchase reduced recoil buck shot made for LE . Speer and Remington are both available . Lower velocity yes but the buckshot does not deform leaving the bbl fly straighter without the flat spots we have all seen on Mag buckshot and the round projectile actually penetrates better. So that is the teck answer to your question form someone that lives in a shotgun only state and has mega hours researching this same problem. J.Michael

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