MidwayUSA and Hornady Frontier 5.56...

by rob @, Monday, September 17, 2018, 18:49 (276 days ago)
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[image]I’m getting a bit irritated with MidwayUSA’s poor packaging. I’ve pretty much quit ordering 22 shells from them because they just dump them in the box with a couple of those little packing pillows and tape it up and the boxes (like CCI uses) slam into each other until they are all shattered. Today I received a box of Hornady Frontier 5.56 XM193 (150 count) and the outer box was perfect, but the Frontier box looked like it had been dropped from a two story roof onto concrete. I started trying to sort them (good from bad) and when I had seven visibly good rounds compared to twenty dented ones I quit. I tried to call them but their customer service hours end at 4:30 now. I’m pretty sure the box had been smashed before it was packaged. I’m just about done with them and have almost all but switched to Midsouth Shooters Supply and a few others for the things I used to get from Midway. Pretty sad as I’ve been buying from them for decades. However, on another note, have any of you used this Hornady Frontier XM193? I’ve been wanting to try it so this sale came up at Midway and I bought them. Many are dented from being dropped, but some have some serious defects. I took a picture of two rounds, one that’s obvious and one that doesn’t show up well but it’s a split neck the full length of the neck. It’s plain with my eye (and by feel) but not so much in the pic but I’ll post it anyway. I generally like Hornady ammo and I still want to try this stuff, but I’m curious if this is the norm or a bad box. Several of these necks look rippled but it’s hard to get them to show up on camera.

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