Did he know what was expected....

by jgt, Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 07:01 (742 days ago) @ Charles
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There is one point I would still like to bring up. If this event was a test set up by the staff, what was it for? Was it to see if the trainees are understanding and absorbing the training? Was it to see if the training is effective? Or both? That is why a test is given, right? So who failed this test? The trainee or the school?
I have not heard any whining from anyone. Not the person it happened to, nor anyone else. We were asked about zero tolerance.
As to what path my life has taken, I have served in the military and in some elite units where much was expected of you. In some, I had great training, in others I would have probably died if I had not brought my experience with me. I have also served in some cold remote places and hot remote places where there was no backup to turn to other than the few men with you. In conditions like those you only have your training and experience to see you through.
You think what you like and I will do the same. I doubt we will agree and I doubt anything will change because we discussed it.

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