Hannity and Levin played clips of radio chatter 9/11 today

by cubrock, Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 20:06 (222 days ago) @ Gila Jorge

and Hannity had the NYPD commish at the time on today, too. I didn't know Pete, but I thought of him first when they played those clips and when the commissioner was talking about rolling up to Ground Zero that morning to people jumping out of the towers. At that moment, Pete was probably running up stairs saving people.

Prayed for his family and the thousands of others who didn't get a loved one back that night after listening to both sets of clips. A good friend lost his sister in Tower Two. She was listed as missing for a couple or three weeks before they found enough of her body to ID her with DNA.

It got really dusty a couple of times today.

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