Did he know what was expected....

by jgt, Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 09:31 (627 days ago) @ Charles

listen to yourself...Yes 48 hour to go does make a difference. You are holding these trainees to the strictest and highest standards of discipline for a soldier. These young men are in training to meet those standards. When one is in training and they do not know how to respond when in a situation like this (during a time you would think it is all fresh in their minds)then it screams loud and clear there is a problem in their training. These are not people who do not care. They are dedicated to give their all. Sure he has a responsibility for his part, he could be set back in training, given extra duty, or any number of things; but at the same time this problem should not be ignored. It should be incorporated into the program so it does not and can not happen to people who are expected to be perfect. You believe he should be thrown out, ok throw him under the buss, But the fact that it took a lot of effort on the rent-a-cops heckling to even get him to respond in an area not well populated says something for the young man and his character. But it also says he was relying on his experience not his training. If you want perfection you have to train perfectly. They have ceremony down pat, They have personal presentation down pat. But when you expect perfection, nine months is a short training cycle to cover all that and all the situation they will be faced with. like I said before, now it is apparent why they have such a high failure rate. Do they want well trained guards or do they want a high failure to graduation rating. Poles, rating, statistics, can have the numbers cooked any way you like to say anything you like. The truth is, this is too high a standard to not have an equally high quality of training. If this happened one minute before graduation, it would matter.

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