by Murphy @, Sunday, September 09, 2018, 16:13 (288 days ago) @ Creeker

I'm in the same boat with Tom. Those ole tried & true designs always get my attention first.

I guess, the truth be told I'm knife poor. Schrade-Waldens, Case, Boker, Cold Steel...etc.

I've always said, 90% of the pocket knives in America don't get 'used' up, they get abused to death. Screw driver, can opener, small pry bar..etc. I recall one early December years ago passing through the sporting goods section of Wally World. A lady was studying the knives and for whatever reason, asked me what a good one was. She said her husband just can't keep one because he's always tearing them up. I asked her if he used them as screw drivers, can opener's, small pry bar..etc? Yes she said. I eased her over to the multi-tool section and told her 'start here', they've all got a knife blade in them. She gave me a huge smile and a thank you, turned and asked the clerk to please show her a few of them. Hope that fella got the message.


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