I do not have anything with that much power...

by Bri A, Saturday, September 08, 2018, 23:35 (529 days ago) @ Hobie

The 69A has a 1 3/4X Redfield on it, so the flies at 25 yards are tough to see, but doable with patience. The best optics I have available for the 52C is 15X, that should make flies visible out to 50 yards. Now have to put some rounds through it to see what ammunition will make it sing the best tune.

A couple years ago, spent a fun afternoon in the winter trying to hit a red squirrel at 140 yards with a pre-A 52. Had never shot it that far previously, so only had hits in the snow to go by and used Kentucky windage to adjust. There was three or four squirrels working over a deer carcass, and after 50 rounds and no hits I gave up. Really need to try different loads at that distance on paper to see what works best before giving it another go. Have a strong suspicion the 36 gr hollowpoint, bulk pack, Federal high-velocity ammo I was using that day probably did not fly all that well at that distance.

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