This one is the same age as myself also...

by Bri A, Saturday, September 08, 2018, 21:00 (529 days ago) @ Hobie

Took a couple shots with it this evening and it hit the steel targets at 25 yards with no problems. It was too late in the day to try for much accuracy though as my home range faces due west and the sun was just above the treeline to the west, could barely see the sights, let alone the targets. The firing pin makes a satisfying impression on the case rims, even though it is caked with cosmoline and moves slow. The cases came out looking like new, no bulges near the base and no blow back around the case mouth, so the chamber is tight and in beautiful condition.

Never tried flies at 50 yards, but have shot them at 25 yards using a Win 69A with PMC standard velocity ammo. That rifle can be rather finicky, buy it will shoot those PMC's into one ragged hole, slightly over caliber diameter, at 25 yards, all day long, so long as I do my part.

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