Or Maybe Not.

by jgt, Wednesday, September 05, 2018, 07:48 (633 days ago) @ Charles

I could agree with you if he was not still in the training phase. The fact is, this happened during his training. If this was not an actual part of his training, meaning the hazing was not a covert test; then he was unprepared to deal with this situation. If so, it was unfair to hold him to a standard that his training has not prepared him for. Pilots go through escape and evade training where they too are subjected to harsh treatment when captured, but are trained for it before hand. I have seen Marines that were trained for specialize missions and they were very well trained before they were thrown to the wolves.
We will not solve the young mans problem here, but it is now evident that the reason they have such a high failure rate is the way they choose to cook the numbers. Collages use to get higher ratings by the number of drop outs measured against the number of completions. In most cases the drop outs were from being exposed to poor teachers. People who were qualified in their field, but were very poor at teaching it to others.

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