Not right at all.

by Duane, Kerrville, TX, Sunday, September 02, 2018, 17:29 (635 days ago) @ Hoot

To an extent I agree with Gary. Zero tolerance was set up for curbing the situtation in which this young man finds himself. There are always mitigating circumstances. Authorities who made the asinine decision without thorough investigation should
be held acountable and the young man reinstated. From what was explained it was a set up by incompetents who were not men enough to settle the situation face to face.Their vile language and obvious mentality warrants a good a??? whupping. Use the wording on the tape and go straight to the Gov. or highest authority to resolve this so it don't happen again. If those who first caused the problem are proved wrong let the tables fall on them and perhaps they might lose their jobs! What is the old military saying Chit rolls down hill!

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