Sometimes zero tolerance is simply unfair...

by Byron, Sunday, September 02, 2018, 13:05 (636 days ago)
edited by Byron, Sunday, September 02, 2018, 13:32

Our son is at Ft. Myers in the early stages of formal training as a Sentinel at the Tomb. He called us last Friday on the verge of tears over a situation that had just happened.

Apparently, the local rent-a-cops have a boner for the 3IR Tomb Guards and regularly heckle them and try to provoke a response. Last week, one of Thomas's team had completed the 9 month training program and was 2 days from receiving his patch and being allowed to walk the Tomb.

He was in uniform and in a secluded area away from any public and a couple of the fat black unaccountable rent a cops started talking sh*t to him, calling the soldier a "faggot in a bus driver hat" etc and after some extended period of time this young Infantryman said "either get over here and say that in my face or go away and f*ck yourself". The fat black unaccountable DC rent a cop unfortunately had his video out and recorded the statement and then forwarded it to this young soldiers chain of command.

Two days from receiving his patch and after 9 months of 80 hour a week training he is summarily pulled from the Tomb. The boys heart is broken and unfortunately there is no option for appeal.

The SOG of the Sentinels word is absolute and nothing less than perfection is accepted from the Guards. A life above reproach where even the appearance of impropriety is unacceptable. There are no second chances.

This stupid jealous fat cop just broke this boy's heart and dashed his and his families dreams and went on his way with a smile.

Just not right.


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