Frankenstein Colt

by Charles, Sunday, August 12, 2018, 15:45 (189 days ago)

I started my centerfire handgun shooting, reloading and bullet casting about 1960, with a stock GI Remington-Rand 1911A1. Basic Colt 45 Autos have been my favorite since then.

My latest is a Frankenstein Colt I put together from an early 50's Colt 7790314 Gov. replacement slide, a 1995 frame and a 2005 Colt barrel. It went together without fitting. It is very tight and a great shooter. It is a worthy successor to my original pistol.

I finally gave up on he itty bitty GI sights and installed some King Hardball 3 Dot sights I had in my shop. The grips are from a slab of guyacan I brought back from South America in 1981. The grips have no finish on them. Guyacan is an extremely oily wood that is impervious to water and will sink like a rock in water it is so heavy. It will secret some oil, just like our skin. Most finishes except shellac won't dry on it, there is so much oil.


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