Adventures with the RIA 9mm....

by Gunner ⌂ @, St Louis, Saturday, August 11, 2018, 18:53 (190 days ago)

Further adventures with the RIA 1911A1 9mm today……received a shipment of PMC 115gr FMJ and PPU 147gr JHP ammo from Aim Surplus (good people with good prices) this week. And I found another box of the MagTech ammo from the batch I was suspect of causing the FTE’s with. Packed up and headed to the range early this morning to do more testing.

First up was the PPU (Serbian ammo) 147 JHP, shot well, slightly stronger recoil impulse, to be expected. While it worked under recoil the ammo jammed when inserting a reloaded mag and releasing the slide stop, the bullet would jam into the feed ramp but would cycle fine when sling shoting the slide, bullet design??? The 115gr FMJ’s all fed using the slide stop.


Next up the suspect batch ammo……Karma???? Guess not, the whole box worked 100%, not a single issue period. And I was prepared with new recoil springs of different weights, cleaning gear and tools, I was going to come up with the answer on this issue on the spot today, seems I didn’t have to worry. While the gun was dirty, some 9mm 1911’s can be picky about being clean from what I have read, the pistol was warm from shooting the PPU ammo as I started shooting this batch as soon as I finished with it. Not sure what to think now, maybe the gremlin worked itself out, besides the slide stop feed on the PPU ammo I had no issues with any ammo at all today.

Lastly was the PMC ammo, again no issues of any kind and it shot very well, two hand hold at 12 yards…..


Since I had my portable bench out doing some work with my SPR AR I built a while back, I drug it down to the 25 yard line and ran a few groups using the PMC ammo, not great but decent considering I was resting the pistol over a pile of sand bags and not a proper rest….


Finished off the day getting the scope on my Marlin 1894 FG 41 Magnum back sighted in, leant it to a fellow hog whacker a couple of years back so the setting were off for me. Laid the forearm over a couple of sand bags and got it back on at 50 yards….


Sweet sweet rifle, easy shooting, quick on snap shots and no it is NOT for sale Ray!!! : )


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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