Beretta 950 B always wanted one

by Catoosa, Thursday, August 09, 2018, 09:42 (193 days ago) @ uncowboy

Um, well.... I'm afraid I gotta respectfully disagree wit' ya about the 950B being totally useless. It is, IMHO, the best .25 auto ever made. In the days before this state had a carry permit law, I carried one of the little things almost constantly, and no one ever knew about it except my wife. When she saw me take it out of my pocket one night, she asked to examine it. After looking it over, she turned to me and said sweetly, "Where's mine?"

'Nother trip to the gun shop the next day netted a twin to mine. We have both upgraded our carry guns since legal carry is now possible, but the little 950Bs still get carried from time to time. When I qualified for my permit I shot mine just for grins. The instructor plainly considered my chances of shooting a qualifying score with a .25 auto somewhere between slim and none. I shot a 48 out of 50 possible - the two points I dropped were head shots at 25 yards that he threw in just to keep me humble.

All of that BS is to say the Beretta 950B is a dandy little gun for those times when you can't carry a real one! Keep it clean and practice with it from time to time, and load it with Hornady 35 grain JHP for carry. Believe it or not, those little pills WILL expand out of the tiny barrel.

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