Yes but not in recent years.

by cas, Thursday, May 17, 2018, 19:24 (244 days ago) @ Otony
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I did it most of my life. It always seemed sort of odd, my father and I would put the boat in, then take the boat out to where we'd fish off the beach. The only way to get there.

In the 90's we had access to a great beach and an inlet, so the boat didn't see any use for a while. I was working nights and would go every day while the fish were running.

After we lost the access I got another small aluminum boat that I left in the harbor. That was used equally to get to the surf casting beach or just to fish off of.

Then fishing got set aside for a while. A couple years ago I bought a fishing kayak and have done some fresh water and salt water from that.

As for surf casting and usually from the boats, I pretty much only fish top water with popping plugs. It more exciting, something to watch and has always been more effective for me. Bucktails and the like from the beach, I've never caught anything but the bottom. And it bores me to tears.

When I was a kid my dad made his own poles, so we have a few, 10 to 13 footers. I only use store bough ones off the boat, one because you don't need a big pole and two for fear of losing them. lol

"Small" summer blues, though nothing beats them off the beach in the fall when they're twice that size or more.



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