There goes the last one...

by uncowboy, Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 12:55 (376 days ago) @ Byron

Things have gotten worse. My first experience with the modern decline of doing whats right was 23 years ago. I run a retail route in the delivery field, I would go into over 200 stores a week and knew a lot of people from the stores I served. When I got engaged and the younger store people said your getting married? The questions all went the same way were you married before? NO. Was she ? No. How many kids do you have? NONE . How many does she have? None. What's wrong with you ? why are you getting married? I was floored by how many people ask these samequestions and were mortified by the answers. Out of 200 stops I would say 160 of them fell into this category. I couldn't believe what was the norm then. I am sorry that your son had to quit college but I can understand it, I couldn't function in that environment much less accell.

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