Given the illegality of handguns, and registration

by former hater of plastic, Sunday, March 04, 2018, 15:44 (318 days ago) @ cas

of long guns in the boroughs of NYC, I wonder how that is even permitted. As an out of stater, what gun dealers I visted even out of the city, but within the state, would not even allow touching of a handgun without a state permit.

Am mainly reduced to carrying a legal knife (found the Victorinox civvy version of current German and Swiss Army knife quite fast one-hand, pocketable since knife MUST be completely concealed to be legal, and also unflickable even by an NYPD flicking pro), and a blackthorn rootball long cane. The stick has been very respected by potential trouble, the old M65 jacket still with unit patches helps, as well. But, no gun except last ditch in personal digs. Certainly no target shooting for Bonzo.

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