Call your reps and remind them to support the Constitution

by jgt, Friday, March 02, 2018, 07:13 (320 days ago) @ Rob Leahy

I agree. We have a Senator that not only is claiming to support the Second Amendment, but co-sponsors Fix-NICS. He has ignored our communications to stop. He isn't up for election for a couple more years and is acting like he is not planning to run again. Maybe he thinks we will forget. What ever is going on, If a decent conservative candidate can be found to run against him, that candidate will get my vote. I still write him, if for no other reason than he represents me and I despise his action. Fix-NICS is one of the most nasty and dangerous bills to come along with a name suggesting "common sense". My guess is, most people who think it is a good idea have not looked at it, or given a thought to the tremendous potential for abuse it contains.
The stuff happening in todays arena is strikingly similar to what happened in Europe to propelled the Nazi Party into power. If people can't see this happening, they must live deep in a cave somewhere.
Our "well regulated militia" is having it's rights severely infringed upon. It is time to let our fingers do the walking, before we have no choice but to let our boots do it.

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