I've got one one of the 1885's in 38-55

by JD, Western Washington, Thursday, March 01, 2018, 15:05 (321 days ago) @ Caz

It's a Browning Traditional Hunter (I also have the same rifle in 30-30 and 45-70). Exceptional workmanship, an even as a REALLY picky engineer, I have no complaints about any of my 1885's. I just shoot it with cast bullets, and it is a SUPERB cast bullet rifle. The Traditional Hunter has a Marbles windage adjustable tang sight that is easy for my eyes to use. The rifles have a trigger that is actually quite good. I load it with Starline long 38-55 brass (2.125" long as opposed to the short Winchester brass..), 265 grain Lyman or RCBS cast bullets sized to .379" diameter (bore slugs .3785") and Accurate 2495br powder for a velocity of 1,450 fps. It is a very accurate rifle capable of MOA 3 shot groups, and is very comfortable to shoot as it probably weighs a little over 8 pounds in this configuration. It's my all time favorite cast bullet rifle.... Light recoil, accurate, and just plain classy and fun to shoot...

I've never had a missfire or any problem with any of my 1885's. They are as reliable as can be. I've never tried to push the cartridge at all, but it is a REALLY strong action and you could probably load it up to have a fair amount of power if that's what one wanted....

Wonderful rifle chambered in a wonderful cartridge... What more could you want?

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