That, it is, and possibly more accurate,

by former hater of plastic, Thursday, March 01, 2018, 10:03 (293 days ago) @ Paul

But the Ruger is an authentic #1 which goes bang every time, while the modern Winchester-branded is outsourced to Japan, mechanically redesigned for manufacture, redundant safetied to be imported into the USA, and which rebounding etc has caused no end of problems in the entire line, including light strikes and not firing.

Which can be fixed, but for that sort of money, one expects it to fire without home gunsmithing. That was why I ended up going the Ruger, simply because I had ZERO doubts of function out of the box, and as for accuracy, I can only dream of 300-400yd shots out where most bullets slow enough I may as well be shooting FMJ. And a very handy gun, just over 336/94 length and and equal weight, plenty of power and flat enough 200yds nearly point blank.

Yeah, I did look at rhe Winchester-brand, because they ARE lovely, but went more working class. Mine has also quite lovely wood more of high grade oiled Brit look rather than exihibition grade looks. But, I DID look, and more than once, at the modern high walls.

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