This one is accurate as uncowboy mentions, and

by former hater of plastic, Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 11:42 (294 days ago) @ Catoosa

a lot of that has to do with this one quite slick and relatively light DA, and even lighter and crisp SA, puts to shame some larger and older Smiths owned.

The Bodyguard has always worked better for me than a Centennial, the corner on the stern both hanging more on pockets/waist hems, and shape gets the base of thumb. The factory wood and T-grip puts recoil back in palm, and control enough top of frame never touches web of hand, and I have foresworn all the trendy flatter boot grips for that reason, they slip and transfer recoil up into web.

Back in the past, I would have sworn both the Centennial and boot grips the ultimate, but, the more carried and fired, the Airweight and stainless Centennial went away, as did Spegels, Eagles, etc. Plus, nothing beats old school bizarre more than a Bodyguard.

I believe in history, the Centennial came first, then the Bodyguard which killed the Centennial for above reasons (and not just for SA as many are prone to say today), and then the larger later Centennial on the .357/+P frame. Tbe older smaller shorter .38 Spl frame guns sure are hard to beat for pocket duty, as weight is only part of the equation. Today, I would pick an old steel 36 over a modern bulkier Airweight, or whatever they call it now, if they even make it.

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