The common “strong” .44 specials

by jerry b, Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 10:09 (284 days ago)


My own needs in a handgun run .430” to .452” hardcast SWC of 240-260 grains from 950 to 1050 fps. I have owned several .44 Magnums in the past, but generally loaded them way down. So I eventually sold them off and bought a 6.5” Smith 624 that beckoned, looking nice at a good price. I have loaded it for several years with 240 gr SWCs at about 1000 fps with Alliant 2400, great accuracy and no leading.

For you guys who have both Ruger FT/GP and Smith 24/624 in .44 Special, do you prefer one over the others; one particularly stronger/more durable than the others? I’m looking for thoughts on the matter while I can still get a Flattop or GP (I only want 1 special right now, so I’d sell the 624).
I'm on the fence here, and I want to get off.

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