Howdy boys. Modern N-frame and .44 special wonderments.

by jerry b, Monday, January 01, 2018, 13:16 (316 days ago)
edited by jerry b, Monday, January 01, 2018, 19:22

I have had this Smith Model 624 (6.5" bbl) for about 10 years now. Accurate and a pleasure to shoot. A bit "big", but not too terribly heavy at 42 OZ, with good sights and a trigger dreams are made of.

So why would I not sell this revolver?

Anytime a discussion about the .44 special comes up (I ain't talking about Keith loads here, either; more like the well-touted Skeeter load or "Category 2" Pearce loads), folks run around waving their arms about blowing up guns, maiming one and all, and all sorts of general mayhem. Still we have no official +P data for modern strong revolvers (and there are now many around), so we can go forth and handload with confidence. Nope, we are told to go get a .44 magnum if we want to hotrod specials way on up to 1000 fps with standard for caliber bullet weights.

Are "they" right? What is the purpose to own anything without a Magnum stamp on the barrel? Golly, are we risking life and limb here? Other than a part of a collection, is there ANY real-world use for a moderately loaded .44 special? Why would I want an N-frame for 240 grains at 750 fps? Do I dare use those other loads in an N-frame? Oh my.

regards and :banghead:

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