68 Whiskey

by Byron, Thursday, December 28, 2017, 13:43 (320 days ago)
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Our youngest daughter graduated from AIT at Ft. Sam 3 weeks ago and has been home on recruiter duty since. She has been away from home since the end of May when she enlisted and we have missed her badly.

She ships for S. Korea on 1 January to serve on a FST for the next year.

We would have preferred Colorado Springs...

This picture is from her MOUT FTX at Camp Bullis. Note the old school M16 musket.

The average size of a 68W company is around 150 soldier medics. Her's started at around 300 and finished at 225. She said that the Army will expand the 68W class to close to 1000 in the spring. It is ominous that the Army thinks that they need that many more Combat Medics.

Pray for peace.


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