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by RidinLou, Middle TN, Sunday, December 24, 2017, 14:49 (301 days ago) @ Creeker
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Stonewalrus mentioned my issues in his earlier post. I can't find any of the posts I have made in different forums over the years about mine, but as I have said each of them, I have THROWN it in the back of the safe. To lazy to detail the issues including sending it back for a new barrel before I ever even shot it, but let's just say, I am underwhelmed with mine.

I have owned and shot 4 other Charter products over the years with satisfaction so I am not against Charters products

As an aside are their internals (especially the transfer bar) made of MIM or sintered material?

Anyway this is an interesting thread in another location, most interesting is post #9

Let me tell you about the Taurus 431 though.

It just KEEPS ON TICKING, but is too big/heavy for my original intended purpose. Dang I need to dig it out and send some lead downrange, it is a fun gun to shoot and I have all this brass oxidizing away. Guess I need to run a pot full of 200 grainers so I have all the pieces and parts needed.

I will have to say that anything made will produce one once in a while that is a lemon example of their product. One guy at the range had a Colt made 1911 that is was a perfect example, and surprisingly would not just replace it after 2 years of "ongoing repairs. He had possession of it less than half the time in those two years, the rest were spent with one of their authorized repair stations or at COLT.

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