On a black powder kick this past week

by ERSisk @, Sunday, December 24, 2017, 03:11 (325 days ago)

Picked up a Blue 1982 Ruger Old Army. Shot a lot, cleaned a little, lots of corrosion inside and out. Completely disassembled, soaked a week in Varsol. Cleaned, sprayed with Balistol, reassembled, layed at the back of the bench in a rag for almost a year. Got an itch to try rolling some paper cartridges for my SS ROA's. Made up 12 35g fffg Goex + .457 round ball. Took the old blued gun to the range. Test fired off hand at 25 yards all 12 went BOOM, I do like the sound of an Old Army at the indoor range. Was surprised with a 6" group offhand. Rolled 24 more, back to range last night. First six from a rest, 2" wide by 1" high group. After all 24 a very ragged hole 3 1/4w by 2 1/4h. This from a bore with at best 60% visible rifling the rest patches of pitting corrosion. Cylinder face and chambers light pitting corrosion thru ought, does have a tight cylinder gap and good lock up. Going to check 50 yard group next trip to outdoor range. If it shoots anywhere inside 6" at 50 yards from a rest that's minute of hog and the old girl is going hunting. Ruined all my project gun ideas though. I may still CeraKote the cylinder OD Green.

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