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by Creeker @, Hardwoods, Saturday, December 23, 2017, 20:12 (354 days ago) @ Creeker

From what I understand the 3" Stainless Bulldog was produces 1985-86 & there's not a lot of them round. This one was traded to me for some reloading components. It came with the factory rubber grips & the boot grip. He also had 2 speedloaders & some ammo plus a new IWB holster.

The man is one of the top 3 shooter here bouts & can hold the 10 ring on a B27 target at 15 yards at Mach 4 with this. The little 5 shooter has a factory bobbed hammer & my friend smoothed the trigger face. Not sure what I'll do with it but for the time being I'll shoot it some.




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