Tremendously good read, by Col. John Ward....

by Otony, Monday, November 27, 2017, 22:22 (326 days ago)

....With the Die-Hards in Siberia.

Ward was a British commanding officer in Siberia, fighting with the Whites against the Reds. A fascinating read, but the most compelling part is his foreword wherein he outlines the reasons for the Bolsheviks winning the revolution as directly attributable to foreign politics, particularly the failure of the Western powers to hold true to their White allies.

Those first few paragraphs simply and pointedly describe how easily the Reds could have been vanquished if only "we" had done what was promised. Millions condemned to die at the hands of the Soviets over the ensuring years because of incompetence and rivalries in the political cadres of Britain, the USA, and others.


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