S&W model K trigger shoe question

by Catoosa, Monday, October 09, 2017, 10:35 (251 days ago) @ Scribe

It's a little bitty sucker - like maybe 1/64, not over 1/32. Most good quality hex sets will have sizes down to 1/64 (and believe me you don't want to waste yer money on a cheap hex wrench set).

I only have one trigger shoe. It came on an old bedraggled K38 Masterpiece I bought years ago. I didn't like it on the K38 and took it off. Eventually put it on my sporterated Japanese Arisaka and it was a BIG improvement over the military trigger.

Be real careful if you carry that K38 in a holster. The trigger shoe is as wide as the trigger guard and the edge of it can catch when holstering the gun. Causes a sudden loud noise and all sorts of other problems......

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