Remington Marlins

by CJM, Tuesday, October 03, 2017, 20:31 (287 days ago) @ David

Rumour is that after Remington announced the closing of the original Marlin factory and moving the production line to a Remington factory that the Marlin employees being laid off sabotaged the jigs and machinery as they packed them up. Whatever happened; when Remington started making the 1894's again in the new factory the sights didn't end up on the top of the barrel, but twisted over to the side. The in-experienced QA labor let the rifles ship out like that instead of keeping them in the factory. Remington ended up halting production while they reverse engineered the design into their CAD-CAM system and are only now getting the rifles into production again. So far only 44 Magnums, I'm waiting for a CSS model, stainless steel in 357 Magnum, and hoping that Remington fixed the "Marlin Jam" problem with the lifter.

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