If you were gonna buy a new 44 Magnum carbine today....

by Warhawk, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Monday, October 02, 2017, 22:23 (287 days ago) @ rob

I've had several 44 carbines myself. For looking at, my Browning 92 wins, for shooting, the Rossi 92.

Ive owned several Marlin 44s, I guess I'm just unlucky, I never could get one of them to shoot very well. I'd take Marlins in 357, 44, 30-30, and 45-70 to the range and the 44s would invariably shoot lousy groups while all the rest did pretty well. I wish I could figure out the secret, the last I had ( a stainless 1894) went down the road a few years ago.

I have Browning 92s in 357 and 44. Again the357 shoots pretty well while the 44 shoots groups 2-3x bigger. I've messed with this one quite a bit, and am not going to sell it. I've decided the slow twist barrel, with an oversized Bore is the culprit. It might get rebarreled soon.

And finally I have a pair of Rossi trappers, stainless in 357 and 44. They both shoot nice little groups with iron sights at 50 yards, about as far as my 57 year old eyes work without optics. The Rossi 44 with iron sights would outshoot that stainless Marlin with a 4x scope.

I've also had a model 94 in 45 Colt, but much prefer the 92 for a handgun cartridge.

I would like to try a Chiappa, they sure are purdy.

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