i have several different ones: rossi, marlin , uberti and

by rob @, Monday, October 02, 2017, 12:23 (258 days ago) @ cable

I've had pre and post cross-bolt safety Winchester 94's and found them good but just can't stand the crater in the cross-bolt gun. I've had a slew of pre-Remington Marlins and like them very much but I'm really leaning toward the traditional Winchester 94 or 92. I thought I would hate the safety on the Moroku models but looking at it in person, it's really subdued and doesn't stand out. If it must have one, that is at least the best way in my opinion unless someone wants to mount a tang sight and I don't care for tang sights. I guess I just need to decide if the extra beauty of the Moroku versions is worth double the price of a Rossi. I am leaning that way though because I don't intend to ever get rid of it once I buy it.

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