i have several different ones: rossi, marlin , uberti and

by cable, Monday, October 02, 2017, 11:35 (258 days ago) @ rob

ruger model 96, and have had others. I suspect the miroku/ Winchester might be the best overall. the rossi is very strong and reliable. the marlin [ pre Remington ] is very smooth, very accurate and will feed most ammo reliably. the ruger 96 is very finicky about which ammo it will feed. for looks and smoothness the uberti 73 is actually my favorite...I have it set up with a tang sight; it works well with most any standard factory loadsand is really accurate.
I have a custom made takedown trapper, made from an original model 92 Winchester- that is really smooth and accurate though it doesn't feed every type of ammo.

the marlin is so slick and accurate, that I would have to say you cant go wrong with it, as long as you look around and get an older one.....cant say about the newer ones.

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