If you were gonna buy a new 44 Magnum carbine today....

by rob @, Monday, October 02, 2017, 10:43 (287 days ago)

What would you buy? I handled a Winchester 94 Saddle Ring Carbine (Moroku version) a couple days ago and it was extremely nice. Perfect fit and finish. It was a 45 Colt but I want a 44. I'm debating on the Miroku 94 or 92 or maybe just a Rossi. I'd consider a Marlin if the quality was the same as the pre-Remington versions, but I'm really sorta wanting a Winchester 92 or 94 or a Rossi. I am so impressed by the fit and finish and wood on the Miroku Winchesters I think it's probably worth spending a grand on the rifle. I may consider the Rossi though. Anyhow what say y'all?

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