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by Ray L., Friday, September 29, 2017, 22:18 (291 days ago) @ stonewalrus

A fellow Sunday school scholar's son who lived over in Atlanta with his mom was crazy for soviet block weapons so I loaned the dad and boy a cardboard box full of pistols and ammo for a Saturday afternoon's shooting --- makarovs, tokarevs, cz52, cz70, nagant revolver etc.

Next day after services the dad said he had the guns in the trunk of his car....there they lay on a blanket but the box was missing and the leftover loaded shells and some of the spent brass and spare magazines were in a much smaller box....when asked about the larger cardboard box the guy simply advised me to just put the guns in my pockets and mexican carry in waistband to get them descreetly to my truck

Had to tell him I could not do that because all four of my trouser pockets were already full of guns plus two in the inside jacket pockets as well....when asked why six guns at church, I replied "It ain't a freedom unless you actually practice it !" There were actually a total of 7....forgot to count the one in my sock.:-)

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