Secure those doors…..

by Ray L., Monday, September 25, 2017, 00:27 (266 days ago) @ stonewalrus

before - during - and after services…..this is the very least we can do….though we know many of these incidents start in the parking area or on the street/sidewalk in urban churches….

Little Churches seem to have have more doors than any other building in the same size category because of wings added over the years (decades)…..big Churches, often in urban areas of rapidly changing demographics often have dozens and even scores of doors but due to history of crime most are secured during the week but due to osha and state zoning laws they can be opened by anyone on the inside….

I debated round and round with our church security until i was blue in the face… those doors, everyone of them all of the time…..they fired me from the security team….i can take-up offering and greet incoming folks but i am never chosen for security….they all have their ruger LCPs and think that they are all delf bryces or jim cirillos or something….

once while on security detail I watched the creepiest looking guy i had ever seen exit the sanctuary like he was going to the men's room….a little voice told me to follow….he passed the normally used facilities and wandered toward the children's wing and i confronted him and asked his business….the confrontation escalated but i stood my ground even though the guy looked seven foot tall and four foot wide with six foot long arms and prevailed and the man left in a huff….completely left the campus…..well you know what happened to me…..he was blue blooded sister so in so's brother and the pastor's first cousin…..i was fired from the team…..oh ! by the way, despite his pedigree, the creep just happens to be on the pervert offender registry…..

then there was the guy with the rainbow mohawk wearing goth leather gear and frankenstein boots and a plaid kilt… longer deputized as a team member i still ran him off in a most unchristian-like manner….he/she/it was just going to come in, bold as brass, pushing his bicycle with 3 dogs following…..

now finally they lock and or watch all of the doors…..

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