Too close to home - shooting at church in Antioch/Nashville

by stonewalrus, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 17:11 (297 days ago)

Shooting at a church in Nashville. Guy murdered a lady in the parking lot and walked in and started shooting. Several others shot. One church member confronted him. Bad guy pistol whipped him and good guy ran to his car for his gun (CARRY permit, not CAR permit). Good guy entered with gun and bad guy shot bimself. I was on church security at my. Hutch this morning. Had an elder ask if I was on security and when I told him yes, he said I am probably not supposed to ask but are you packing? I nodded yes and both he and his wife said GOOD! Kind of creepy to be asked that before the shooting went down elsewhere in Nashville. Hope it is a wake up call for my church to beef up security.

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