NEW JERSEY produce

by uncowboy, Friday, August 11, 2017, 13:01 (341 days ago)

Very few advantages to being from New Jersey. But the best one is the produce. Jersey Tomato's and sweet corn beat all others by far. Last year I bought a pizza oven for the deck and every Friday is pizza day. With fresh Jersey tomatoes in abundance I made my Pizza sauce last week. It was great. So today I am cooking down 50 Lb of tomatoes to put up sauce. Well I also love tomato juice with my breakfast . I had a large amount of juice from my cooking batch . Here we find that some put Vodka and bitters and lemon and make an Grown up beverage . Tasty littttlle buggersss and I ammm onlyy on my secconds. Happppy week ends allls.J. Michaellsat

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